Website Changes

Recent Website Updates include:

  • Spreadsheets and tables are fully functional within all major browsers.
  • Text is fully visible, over-lapping of text and tables has been eliminated.
  • The prototype is fully bilingual (German-English). Hopefully my translations are reasonably accurate.
  • Related content pages across the prototype website are dynamically calculated, linked, and made available to readers/ users.
  • Images have been added to select pages (where I could find them and they seemed appropriate).
  • I have provided an extensive Links directory to other Holocaust-Shoah sites.
  • Spreadsheets have been re-written and reformatted using OpenDocument Spreadsheet format (ods). Each revised spreadsheet is made available for download.
  • Images/ files/ folders have been re-index, re-labeled, and re-organized for easier access.
  • Images/ files/ folders are all stored on a secure DropBox site for faster access and download.
  • The new site, when complete, will function on hand-held devices.
  • A site-wide, robust search function is provided.
  • When complete, site security will be greatly enhanced.
  • Numerous website navigation methods have been provided to make access to the website’s vast information easier (more intuitive).