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  • State Archives Bamberg [StA Bamberg]
  • Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv – Location Bückeburg [NLA Bückeburg]
  • Historical archive of Commerzbank Frankfurt / Main
  • Thuringian State Archives Gotha [ThStA Gotha]
  • State Archives Hamburg [StA Hamburg]
  • Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv – Location Hannover [NLA Hannover]
  • State Capital Archives Koblenz [LHA Koblenz]
  • City Archives Mainz [StadtA Mainz]
  • City Archives Münster [StadtA Münster]
  • State Archives Nuremberg [StA Nuremberg]
  • City Archives Nuremberg [StadtA Nürnberg]
  • Instytut Zachodni Poznań [IZ Poznań]
  • Landesarchiv NRW – Department of the Rhineland [LAV NRW R]
  • City Archives Ribnitz-Damgarten [StadtA Ribnitz-Damgarten]
  • City archives Röbel [StadtA Röbel]
  • City Archives Rostock [StadtA Rostock]
  • City Archives Schwerin [StadtA Schwerin]
  • Landesarchiv Speyer [LA Speyer]
  • City Archives Stolberg (Rhineland) [StadtA Stolberg]
  • Main State Archives Stuttgart [HStA Stuttgart]
  • Státní Okresní Archive Teplice [SOkA Teplice]
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives [USHMM]
  • Hessian Main State Archives Wiesbaden [HHStA Wiesbaden]
  • State Archives Würzburg [StA Würzburg]
  • Yad Vashem Archives [YVA]
  • Central Archives on the History of the Jews in Germany
  • Żydowski Instytut Historyczny [ZIH]

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