Würzburg- Regensburg to Theresienstadt: 23 Sep 1942

Date of departure: 23.09.42, Deportees: 681, Arrival: 24.09.42 (II / 26, 681)

The transport description in Theresienstadt and the number of deportees registered there are given in brackets.

On 23.9.42 the deportations of older Jews from Bavaria was temporarily resumed with the abduction of another 681 people. In this transport 562 Jews from Franconia were sent to Theresienstadt, of which 491 came from Würzburg. In addition, there was one person with last address in the Oberfränkischen Bamberg. The President of the Government of Upper- und Middle Franconia reported the “evacuation” of 563 Jews in his monthly report of 7 October. From a disabled Alterstransport in Regensburg, the Würzburger train was linked together with cars carrying 117 people during a stay in Hof. There was also one person from   Sulzbach-Rosenberg in the Upper Palatinate. The below reproduced Theresienstadt entrance list can be found in the Yad Vashem Archives, stock O.64 / 229, online as part of the Digital collection.


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