1942-03-24: Izbica

Fürth Pogom Synagogue

Nürnberg – Würzburg to Izbica- Departure: 24 Mar. 1942, Deported: 989

Fürth Pogom Synagogue
Fürth Synagogue
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Regarding the second deportation of Jews from Franconia, the monthly report of the Prime Minister of Upper and Central Franconia of 7.4.42 states: “As part of the evacuation action, a special train with 990 Jews left Nuremberg on the 24th of March with the destination Lublin-Izbica The Jew Dr. Martin Israel Offenbacher has evaded the evacuation through suicide (“Leuchtgas”). ” Further, in the monthly report of 5.5.42, in terms of the upper and middle lines: “On the 24th of March, 781, 105 Jews were evacuated to the east on April 25th, with the exception of some suicides and suicide attempts.” [Bavaria during the Nazi period, Vol. 1, Munich 1977, p. 484]

From the area of the Gestapo Nuremberg-Fürth there were originally 835 Jews scheduled for the deportation on 24 March. A further 165 people were to be transferred from the Landskreise Kitzingen and Ochsenfurt through Würzburg. With “additional demands” on the part of the Nuremberg Gestapo for the replacement of persons who had been temporarily resettled, 208 people were deported from Central Franconia, including 18 from Würzburg and 19 from Wiesenfeld in the district of Karlstadt. The transport had an overall population of 989 people. The following is a list of the Würzburg subtransport, which is located in the Staatsarchiv Würzburg, Stock Gestapo 18875, pages 13-23, 25-26. (see Würzburg below)

Places from which individuals were deported (only Central Franconia)

  • Acholdshausen 2
  • Allersheim 2
  • Gaukönigshofen 25
  • Giebelstadt 5
  • Goßmannsdorf 2
  • Großlangheim 2
  • Hüttenheim 3
  • Kitzingen 75
  • Marktbreit 23
  • Mainbernheim 2
  • Mainstockheim 27
  • Obernbreit 1
  • Tauberrottersheim 1
  • Wiesenbronn 1
  • Wiesenfeld 19
  • Würzburg 18

A list “Deported Jews, 2nd wave” contains 439 names of people from Nuremberg who were deported 25 Apr. 1942. The name of Rosa Wertheimer was inserted manually. The list contains a “Police No.” for the listed persons, which allows conclusions on the number of transport participants from Nuremberg during the two deportations of the “2nd wave”. Thus, 418 people have a “police number in the range of 1 to 465 and a further 20 in the range of 939 to 960, while for the hand-written Rosa Wertheimer her entry is missing. The first group can be viewed as the deportation of 24 March and the second group of the deportation of 25 April, the list of “II. Welle “is reproduced below in a copy of the Stadtarchiv Nuremberg, Stock C 31 / I, No. 26, sheets 17-28. (see Nürnberg -List 1 below)


A post-war list of the Nuremberg Detention Center, which is kept at the ITS, lists 440 Nuremberg Jews after deduction of a double-entry (Rosa Uhlfelder) and 25.4.42 were deported. In addition to the 439 listed in the above list, persons are called Rechna Kellermann. A comparison with the details of the complete list for transport from 25.4. (see here) suggests that both them and those listed in the above list without “police no.” registered by Rosa Wertheimer on 24.3. , so that on the basis of the lists it can be assumed that 420 people were deported from Nuremberg with this transport. The monthly statistics of the Reichsvereinigung for March 1942 mentions slightly different 421 deportees from the area of the Kultusvereinigung Nürnberg.

There is also a post-war list for the deportees from Fürth in the ITS archive. The “Directory of Persons of Jewish Beliefs Deported in 1942” contains the names of 223 people who have “migrated” from Fürth on March 22nd, with comparable lists for the later deportations of Fürth, according to a double nomination (Gerhard Mauder) Theresienstadt is not entirely complete and the data must therefore be regarded as a minimum. According to the report of the last secretary of the Israelite religious community, Grete Ballin, in her story of the Jews of the city written by the Gestapo, ordered 237 people on 24 March. (view here). The two sets for Nürnberg and Fürth are shown below (Nürnberg -List 2) and (Fürth).


In Oberfranken were Jews from the districts of Bamberg, Forchheim and Höchstadt a. d. were affected. From the city and the district of Bamberg, 99 people were deported, including 25 from Bamberg (see the list of names here) [YVA O.8 / 374] and 74 from the rural communities (Aschbach 7, Demmelsdorf 6, Hirschaid 20, Scheßlitz 8, Trabelsdorf 9, Walsdorf 6, Zeckendorf 18) [StA Bamberg, K 5 No. 16687, cf. K. H. Mistele, The End of a Community, Bamberg 1988, p. 106]. Among the municipalities in the district of Bamberg, there are also postwar lists in the archives of the ITS, although the year of deportation and the destination are often given incorrectly. From Scheßlitz 12 men were taken away from these lists on 22.3.42, 3 of them (Frieda Lauer, Josef and Regina Satzmann) came however with the transport from 25.4. to Krasniczyn (see here) and 2 (Hermann and Rosalie Hollmann) on the 10.9. to Theresienstadt (see here). (see Bamberg -Kreis below).

However, exact information on the list of names of the deportees is to be obtained from the quarterly “Survey of the Migration and Survival of Jews”, published by the gendarmerie posts in Burgwindheim (for Aschbach), Hirschaid, Scheßlitz (for Demmelsdorf, Scheßlitz and Zeckendorf) and Trabelsdorf (for Trabelsdorf and Walsdorf) to the District Administrator in Bamberg, see below the reproduction from the State Archives of Bamberg, Landratsamtamt Bamberg, K 5 No. 16687. (see Bamberg Land [Burgwindheim, Hirshaid, Scheßlitz, Trabelsdorf] below)

A “List of the names of the Jews to be evacuated from Forchheim” contains the names of the three Jewish inhabitants of the city, the names of at least 18 people are known from Adelsdorf and Mühlhausen in the district of Höchstadt a. d. Aisch (Note on Adelsdorf by Christiane Kolbet, for Mühlhausen see StA Nuremberg, OFD Nuremberg (Bund) No. 15456). (see Forchheim below).


  • David, Meta
  • David, Nathan
  • Fleischhauer, Berta
  • Fleischhauer, Justin
  • Fleischhauer, Marie
  • Rindsberg, Rudolf
  • Rindsberg, Selma
  • Strauß, Friedrich
  • Strauß, Ida
  • Stühler, Babette
  • Stühler, Berthold
  • Stühler, Hildegard
  • Stühler, Jakob
  • Stühler, Lina
  • Stühler, Martha
  • Stühler, Max
  • Stühler, Rosa


  • Bing, Selma