Bruecke am Kirchplatz Lodz-Litzmannstadt

1941 (with example transports from Berlin and Brandenburg)

1941 Deportation Transport Lists-Eng

Bruecke am Kirchplatz Lodz-Litzmannstadt
Bruecke am Kirchplatz Lodz-Litzmannstadt

According to the Reichsvereinigung, in the autumn of 1941 a total of 7034 Jews from Berlin were deported to the East, of which 4077 (according to statistics for October) to Litzmannstadt. The information for Litzmannstadt can be compared with the “experience report” of the North Rhine-Westphalia Police Department, “the introduction of 20,000 Jews and 5,000 gypsies into the Ghetto Litzmannstadt”, after which a total of 4187 Jews arrived with the four transports from Berlin the transcript of the document [Yad Vashem Archives, O.6 / 222]. Taking into account the 122 persons from Emden, who were transported via Berlin with the second transport to Litzmannstadt, 4065 Berlin Jews would have been sent into the ghetto, according to the police.

The transcripts of the transport lists, produced in the Getto Litzmannstadt, contain data about 4050 Jews from Berlin and 122 from Emden, a total of 4172 deportees from the Berlin transports, while the lists of the “resettled” in the ghetto recorded 4202 persons (without supplements). The memorandum for the Jews of Berlin in the ghetto Litzmannstadt contains the names of 4206 deportees, the difference between the transport lists being attributed to non-Jewish spouses and non-registered micro-children. Loose (Hrsg.), Berlin Jews in the Ghetto Litzmannstadt 1941-1944, Berlin, Łodz 2009, 51]. The results are summarized from the various sources.

1941 Transports- Eng

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Of the 7 Berlin deportation transports in 1941, apart from the settlements from the ghetto Litzmannstadt, only incomplete Gestapo lists as well as their copies for the 1st, 3rd and 4th transport to Litzmannstadt have been preserved.

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