1943 - 1944: Pommern - Ostpreußen to Auschwitz

  • Departure Date (Berlin): 19.02.43, Origin: Stettin – Berlin, Deported: 1 (from Pommern), Total Deported: 1000
  • Departure Date (Berlin): 02.03.43, Origin: Tilsit – Insterburg – Stolp – Berlin, Deported: 64 (Ostpreußen, Pommern), Total Deported: 1758
  • Departure Date (Berlin): 04.03.43, Origin: Tilsit – Berlin, Deported: 1 (Ostpreußen), Total Deported: 1143
  • Departure Date (Berlin): 19.04.43, Origin: Königsberg – Frankfurt / Oder – Berlin, deportees: 52 (Ostpreußen), Total Deported: 688

In the first half of 1943, 119 Jewish people from Pomerania and East Prussia (including the former East Prussian Region of West Prussia) were deported via Berlin to Auschwitz. On 19.2. Clara Kukrzenski from the Vorpommerschen Sellin (Rügen Island) was deported; she was sent on the 29th East transport. As part of the nationwide “factory action” of 2.3. and 4.3.43 a total of 60 people from East Prussia and 5 from Pomerania were deported. 52 people followed on the 37th east transport on 19 April, 50 of those were from East Prussia and 2 from West Prussia, there is a handwritten note afixed “superseded by Stapo Kbg.” Finally, Moses Majufes from the Metgethen camp was listed in the transport list for the 39th East Transport on June 28, 1943.

The list for the 57th Berlin Osttransport of 6.9.44 to Auschwitz contains the name of Margot Saalfeld from Stettin, who had already been abducted on 13.2.40 and sent to the ghetto of Belzyce near Lublin. In the list of Stettin deportees, she is registered under her maiden name Meyer, see here. Later Margot Saalfeld was also in the ghetto of Majdan Tatarski (Lublin), as can be seen from a list of inmates of September 1942 [YVA O.41 / 943]. About her journey from Lublin to Berlin nothing is known. From Auschwitz she was taken to Bergen-Belsen and finally freed. In a statement made on 1.5.45 in Bergen-Belsen by Ilse Domke, also deported from Stettin on 13.2.40, Margot Saalfeld is mentioned as a witness, see report.


Places from which deportations took place (Pommern-Ostpreußen)

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