1942-08-25: Frankfurt/Oder to Theresienstadt

  • Date of departure (Tilsit): 25.08.42, deported: 763, arrival: 27.08.42 (XIV / 1, 763)

The transport name in Theresienstadt and the number of deportees registered are given in parens.

On 25.8.42, a deportation train left the East Prussian city of Tilsit carrying, after its two-day journey through the northeastern Germany while stopping in numerous cities of East Prussia, Pomerania, and Brandenburg, 763 people to the “Altersghetto” (old age ghetto) in Theresienstadt. The 27.8 transport was registered under the designation XIV / 1. The arrival was originally scheduled for the 26.8., but the trip was delayed when deportees in eastern Brandenburg were taken on board. Of the 763 deportees, 563 were from East Prussia, 108 from Pomerania and 92 from the Brandenburg district of Frankfurt / Oder, according to the Theresienstadt entry list. However, Betty Sommerfeld (No. 694), was incorrectly listed as a resident of Tilsit; she actually lived in Schneidemühl. She was the wife of the last communal chairman Siegfried Sommerfeld, who had died in Schneidemühl a month earlier.

The statistics of the Reichsvereinigung recorded of August 1942 indicate a total of 561 deportees from East Prussia and in later reports from September and October 1942 a further 108 deportees from Pomerania (including Schneidemühl) and 92 from the government district of Frankfurt / Oder. The slightly different information on the entry list from Theresienstadt can be attributed to the registration of deportees at other places of residence, especially if people were only temporarily located (resident) in East Prussia or Pomerania. The Theresienstadt list is provided below as a copy of USHMM (RG-68,103, Reel 4). The original list is in Yad Vashem Archives, stock O.64 / 267.