1943-03-17: 4. großer Alterstransport

Departure Date: 17.03.43, Deported: 1342, Destination: Theresienstadt (I/90, 1342)

The transport description in Theresienstadt as well as the number of registered publications are given in brackets.

In the fourth and last “great transport of the elderly” from Berlin to Theresienstadt were 1120 Berlin Jews, including a large number of war veterans of the First World War and their spouses (see corresponding notes in the transport lists). While the list of the Berlin Gestapo at the OFP Berlin-Brandenburg, together with the non-Berliners, identified 1159 deportees (adjusting for the 40 deletions and a duplication of Brigitte Renate Golinski listed in transport numbers 262 and 662), 1342 deportees are identified on the entrance list for Theresienstadt [Yad Vashem Archives, O.64 / 221]. In addition to the persons mentioned on the Paris OFP list, there were also deportees deported with the 4th large transport of the elderly from different regions of Germany.

Included among the World War I veterans deported were the following 14 men who had been awarded the Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse (the German Empire’s highest award for valor):

  1. Robert Israel Mautner
  2. Leopold Israel Neumann
  3. Hermann Israel Stern
  4. Hans Israel Herzberg
  5. Hugo Israel Levy
  6. Martin Israel Gundermann
  7. Julius Israel Glücksohn
  8. Fritz Israel Kleczewski
  9. Ludwig Israel Schönberger
  10. Erich Israel Cohn (Offizier)
  11. Kurt Israel Kalicki
  12. Martin Israel Hallinger
  13. Julius Israel Jacoby
  14. Georg Israel Altmann

All in all, the results of the analysis of the two lists show that of the 222 Jews who were not from Berlin, 20 were from Leipzig, 38 from the Regierungsbezirk Braunschweig (including 19 from Braunschweig and 11 from Wolfenbüttel), 32 from the Regierungsbezirk Hannover (24 from Ahlem and 8 from Hanover), 41 from Hesse (35 from Frankfurt / Main and 6 from Wiesbaden), 33 from East Prussia (including 7 from Allenstein, 16 from Königsberg and 8 from Tilsit), 30 from the Regierungsbezirk Trier (including 22 from Trier), and 12 from West Prussia and 5 from Danzig. 9 persons came from the vicinity of Berlin (Regierungsbezirke Potsdam and Frankfurt / Oder), as well as one person each from Erfurt and Stettin.