1943-03-12: 36. Osttransport

Departure Date: 12.03.43, Deported: 947, Destination: Auschwitz

The 36th Osttransport on 12.3.43 concluded the deportations carried out in the “factory-action” of Berlin to Auschwitz. 947 Jews were deported, 942 of them with a Berlin address. Many of them were employees of the JKV Berlin and the RV, who were replaced by Jews living in Mischehe. Under the subject of “Jewish transports from Berlin”, Work Leader Schwarz reported via telex on the 15th of March:

“KL Auschwitz reports Jews transported from Berlin to Buna, 126 men; and 473 women and children were eliminated.” [N. Blumental (eds.), Dokumenty i materialy, Vol. 1, Obozy, Lodz 1946, p. 117]

In the 6 East transports from Berlin’s “Fabrik-aktion”, between the 1.3. and 12.3. as well as the transport from 17.3., there were a total of 8768 people with their last residence in Berlin according to the transport lists of the Gestapo; the Reichsvereinigung registered 8658 in its March statistics; thus 110 deportees less. The difference can be explained by a large number of Jews, especially from Silesia, who were temporarily employed in one of the armaments companies in Berlin and were arrested as part of the “factory-action”, but registered by the Reichsvereinigung under their former residences. Thus in the March statistics, a total of 1788 deportees from Silesia were registered, while the figures for the two Silesian transports of the 4.3. and 31.3. report about 100 deportees fewer.