1943-03-06: 35. Osttransport

Departure Date: 06.03.43, Deported: 662, Destination: Auschwitz

According to the list of transports, 657 Jews were deported from Berlin with the 35th Osttransport, an additional five others were from Metz in the Lorraine. In the teleex from the Auschwitz concentration camp to the SS-WVHA, which was already mentioned in connection with the 34th Osttransport:

“Transport from Berlin, entry 7.3.43, total strength 690 including 25 prisoners in protective custody (Buna) and 65 women, with 30 men and 417 women and children being treated separately. ” [N. Blumental (eds.), Dokumenty i materialy, Vol. 1, Obozy, Lodz 1946, p. 110]

The 25 “protective detainees” mentioned in the letter were Jewish mixed marriage partners who had been arrested in Berlin in connection with the “factory-action” and were deported to Auschwitz with the 35th Osttransport. They were deployed at the construction site of the Buna plant in Monowitz, but they were mostly removed from there on March 21, 1943, and taken to the Grossbeeren labor camp together with a group of 12 Jews who had also been deported to Auschwitz during the planting [J , Neander, in: A. Leugers (eds.), Berlin, Rosenstraße 2-4: Protest in the Nazi dictatorship, Annweiler 2005, pp. 115-143].

The “protective detainees” are not listed in the transport list. According to the accompanying letter of the Gestapo, the list refers to “those Jews whose property has been confiscated by the empire during the course of their deportation.” [NARA A3355, Film I Part II] This did not apply to Jewish mixing partners.