1943-03-04: 34. Osttransport

Departure Date: 04.03.43, Deported: 1142, Destination: Auschwitz

Of the 1142 deportees of the 34th East transport, 1141 came from Berlin, one person came from Tilsit in East Prussia. Kurt Löwenthal from Berlin is doubled in the transport list (No. 1092 and 1097). In a telex dated 8.3. to the SS-WVHA Schwarz, the work force leader from Auschwitz concentration camp, reports:

“Transport from Berlin, entry 5.3.43, total strength 1128 Jews, 389 men (Buna) and 96 women went to work; 151 men and 492 women, children. ” [N. Blumental (eds.), Dokumenty i materialy, Vol. 1, Obozy, Lodz 1946, p. 110]