1943-02-26: 30. Osttransport

Departure Date: 26.02.43, Deported: 1100, Destination: Auschwitz

Immediately before the “Fabrikaktion”, which was carried out on 27 February 1943, a large number of persons from other cities and regions of Germany were shipped to Auschwitz, including 108 Jews from Leipzig, 67 from Magdeburg, and 6 from Schönebeck. Three from Cologne were also among the deportees, one from Erfurt, Hamburg, Wagstadt in the Sudetenland and Copenhagen. 11 deportees had their last residence in Brandenburg, 7 came from the Jewish country of Steckelsdorf and 2 each from Gransee and Gut Skaby. The Reichsvereinigung recorded 2914 deportees from Berlin in February from the transport lists of the 3 East transports on 3.2., 19.2. and 26.2. including the the Alterstransport of 2.2. it can be established that 2904 Berliner Jews were deported. The difference is in numbers presumably is due to the fact that among the deportees from the Brandenburg area there were forced laborers registered by the Reichsvereinigung in Berlin.