1943-01-29: 27. Osttransport

Departure Date: 29.01.43, Deported: 1000, Destination: Auschwitz

Of the 1,000 deportees of the 27th Osttransport, 918 came from Berlin, along with them 73 Jews from Cologne were deported through Berlin to Auschwitz. A further 9 people were taken from Brandenburg, including Werner Nellhaus of Munich from the police prison in Großbeeren. Of the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung in January 1943 a total of 2632 deportees from Berlin were registered, while from the transport lists of the two Osttransports from 12.1. and 29.1. as well as the 6 transports between 12.1. and 29.1. a total of 2625 deportees reporting their last residence as Berlin.