1942-12-14: 25. Osttransport

Departure Date: 14.12.42, Deported: 811, Destination: Auschwitz

Of the 811 deportees of the 25th Osttransport, 792 were from Berlin, including 47 young people from the home in Rosenstr. 2-4 (they received transport numbers 597-631 and 675-686); there was, also, 1 person from Gut Winkel and 18 from the forest camp Britz near Eberswalde. In December 1942, according to the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung, 1811 from Berlin were sent to Auschwitz and 300 to Theresienstadt; a total of 2,111 persons were registered. This corresponds to the total number of deportees in the two Osttransports of 9.12. and 14.12. plus the 3 transports between the dates of 15.12. and 17.12, although it does not correspond with the number of persons with a Berlin address (2081). It can therefore be assumed that at least some of the people who were transported outside of the transport were registered in Berlin and therefore were taken into account in the RV statistics.