1942-12-09: 24. Osttransport

Departure Date: 09.12.42, Deported: 1000, Destination: Auschwitz

In the 24th Osttransport 997 Berliners were deported, 3 additional persons came from Neuendorf and Radinkendorf. Among the Berlin deportees were 11 of the senior staff of the JKV Berlin and the RV arrested in connection with the “community action” of 20.10.42 (see notes on 22nd Osttransport), included were Bernhard Adler, Marta Henschke, Bruno Mannheim, Johanna Karminski , Robert Bielschowsky, Kurt Rosenberg and Walter Sprinz (see transport numbers 829-839), as well as their relatives. Those arrested, were shot on arrival in Sachsenhausen concentration camp, including Herta Blumenthal (transport number 696), Helene Lamm (No. 791), Margot Mendelsohn (No. 691), Erika, Emma and Heinrich Selbiger (No. 686, 687 and 688) Looser (No. 682), Herta and Ruth Joseph (No. 700 and 701) and Edith Wolff (No. 699).