1942-11-23: 23. Osttransport

Departure Date: 29.11.42, Deported: 1001, Destination: Auschwitz

The 23rd Osttransport initiated a new phase of the deportation for the Berlin Jews, from this point until shortly before the end of the war, all eastern transports were directed exclusively to Auschwitz. Among the 986 Jews who were deported from Berlin were 75 children from the Baruch-Auerbachian orphanage (Auerbach’sches Waisenhaus ) in Schönhauser Allee 162 together with their caretakers, the cook Rochna Ulreich (No. 141 of the transport list), the infant nurse Isabella Aronheim (No. 157) and the Children’s gardener Lore David (No. 399).

In addition there were 8 employees from the Bendorf-Sayn hospital near Koblenz, 4 deportees from the Jewish work centers in Radinkendorf and Gut Skaby, as well as 3 deportees from Rostock and Parchim in Mecklenburg. In all, the transport lists the names of 1021 Jews originally selected for deportation, 20 of those names were deleted. In the month of November 1942, the Reichsvereinigung registered the deportation of 1426 Jewish people from Berlin (including a correction in December). From the Gestapo lists of the Osttransport from 29.11. and the 5 transports between 4.11. and 20.11. 1424 persons can be identified as having their last place of residence or stay as Berlin.

In the “Calendar of the events in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau 1939-1945”, only the entrance of a transport with 1000 Jews from the government district of Zichenau is recorded for 30.11.42. This is, however, an error, since the prisoners’ numbers assigned to them after the arrival in Auschwitz were assigned to deportees from the 23rd Osttransport.