1942-09-26: 20. Osttransport

Departure Date: 26.09.42, Deported: 809 (from Berlin, Total Deported: 1043), Destination: Raasiku

The 20th East transport was originally scheduled for 10.9.42 and was to be “especially well equipped” according to the instructions of the Berlin State Police Office to the board of the Reichsvereinigung of 24.8.42. [Max Kreutzberger Collection, Leo Baeck Institute, MF 798] For unknown reasons the transport is on the 26.9. postponed. Among the deportees were a large number of families with children, including the Sally and Recha Köln family with 8 children between the ages of 1 and 14 (No. 343-352 of the transport list).

In the transport list of the Gestapo are the names of 853 deportation Jews. Taking into account 44 deletions, it can be assumed that 809 people were deported. Beside the 787 Berliners there were also 2 people from Radinkendorf, 1 from Rüdnitz as well as 6 prisoners from the prisons in Brandenburg and Potsdam among the deportees. In addition, nine Jews from the Braunschweig Gestapo were taken, including 8 from the camp Wendefurth II. 3 persons in the transport list reported an address in Frankfurt / Main, 1 person came from Breslau.

On 17.9.42, the board of the Reichsvereinigung was informed that

“about 300 Jews from Frankfurt am Main will arrive here in the morning hours, presumably at the Moabit loading station Frankfurt am Main, ensure that everything is regulated regarding the food, water supply, etc. of transport.” [Max Kreutzberger Collection, Leo Baeck Institute, MF 798]

In fact, according to the report of the Gestapo’s Representative to Jewish Welfare in Frankfurt / Main, 234 Jews were deported to the East on 24.9.42 [Institut für Stadtgeschichte Frankfurt / Main, 8.718] this date marking the transfer to Berlin for connection to the 20th east transport. The three Jews listed in the Berlin list, with their last residence in Frankfurt / Main, are not listed in the Frankfurt list. The transport therefore had a total strength of 1043 persons.

In September 1942, the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung recorded 3196 deportees from Berlin (without subsequent registrations for August), while from the transport lists of the Osttransport of 26.9. and of the 15 Alterstransport transfers between the 1.9. and 25.9. for a total of 3186 people.