1942-08-31: 19. Osttransport

Departure Date: 31.08.42, Deported: 790 (from Berlin, Total Deportees: 953), Destination: Riga

The departure date of the 19th East transport is often referred to in the literature as 5.9.42. However, this is merely the date of the Berlin State Police Office’s letter to the OFP Berlin-Brandenburg, with which the transport list was sent, which usually took place a few days after the departure of a transport. In the monthly statistics of the Reichsvereinigung, the transport is arranged for August 1942. According to the protocol of the Reichsvereinigung and consultations with the Gestapo on 29.7.42, the Osttransport was actually planned for 31.8.42 [Max Kreutzberger Collection, Leo Baeck Institute, MF 798]. The departure of the transport to this date is confirmed, inter alia. in letters of the Reichsvereinigung to the Office of the OFP, in which several deportees of 31.8. is mentioned [Bundesarchiv, R 8150/477]. They note: “Eli Steinberg, born 29.6.1906 in Berlin, most recently resided in our “half-way house” Heidereutergasse 4, emigrated on the 31st of August 1942 with 19. Osttransport under transport No. 15410.” In the transport list of the Gestapo, Eli Steinberg is registered under No. 20 with the registration no. 15410. Similar notices exist in the correspondence of the Reichsvereinigung regarding Erna Selbiger and Brigitte Homburger.

Riga, Judenghetto
II. Weltkrieg 1939 – 1945
Judenverfolgung durch die faschistischen deutschen Besatzungstruppen in der Sowjetunion.
Lettische SSR: Das Judenghetto in Riga.
Aufn. 1942

The Berlin transport list records 801 names, 11 of which were deleted. According to the list, 790 Jews were deported in the 19th East transport. In the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung for the August 1942, a total of 4691 deportees were registered from Berlin (including the later registration of 128 persons in the September statistics), while from the Gestapo lists for the two Osttransporte from 15.8. and 31.8. as well as the 20 Altersransports between the 3.8. and 31.8. giving a total of 4686 people with a last residence or stay in Berlin.

More people from East Prussia were joined to the transport from Berlin in Insterburg [A. Gottwaldt, D. Schulle, The “Jewish Deportations” from the German Reich 1941-1945, Wiesbaden 2005, 257]. On the basis of the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung for September 1942, it can be determined that 163 Jews (after correction and withdrawal of one person in October) were deported from the Regierungsbezirk Königsberg. Thus, the total number of deportees in this combined east bound train to Riga can be assumed to have been 953.