1942-06-02: XIV. Transport

Departure Date: 02.06.42, Deported: 746 (from Berlin), total Deported: 781, Destination: Generalgouvernement (Warsaw)

Ausstellung Stadthaus Sally Bein (foto) Repro Manfred thomas
Exhibition Stadthaus Sally Bein (photo) Repro Manfred Thomas

The 14th East Berlin transport is often incorrectly dated in the literature. The handwritten text was edited by the OFP, with no. 701-720, which reads “Great transport of 13/6/42”. However, the accompanying letter to the supplementary list with the number 747-757 clearly marks the transport to 2.6.42, and also in the accompanying letter for the submission of assets declarations, and thus apparently provided the template for the above-mentioned OFP date note. It is clear: “I am sending 6 declarations of the property of those Jews who were evacuated with the transport of 2.6.42.” The transport list of the Gestapo contains 758 names and 12 deletions, so that 746 deportees can be evicted. The precise destination of the transport is not yet known.

In the minutes to the board meeting of the Reichsvereinigung of 31.5.42 it is stated that 36 Jews from Beelitz should also be connected to the 14th transport [Max Kreutzberger Collection, Leo Baeck Institute, MF 798]. In a letter from the Gestapo Potsdam to the OFP Berlin-Brandenburg of June 8, 1942, the “transport list of the 35 Jews who had been sent to the General Government for the deportation on June 2, 1942, was also made aware of and further motivation”. The list has not been preserved. It is known, however, that among the deportees a large number of children from the Israelitische Bildungsanstalt Beelitz were together with their leader Sally Bein. In the Gestapo’s letter, “the accelerated evacuation of the Sally’s former living quarters” is being asked, “since the property will shortly be taken over by the Reichsjugendführung” [Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv, Rep. 36A, 4101].