1942-04-14: XIII. Transport

Abfahrtsdatum: 14.04.42, Deportierte: 65 (nur Berlin, Gesamtstärke: 938), Deportationsziel: Warschau

In addition to 65 Berlin Jews, the transport of 14.4.42 deported a large number of Jews from the Potsdam and Magdeburg governmental districts, as well as from the Land of Anhalt to the Warsaw ghetto. On the whole, the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung recorded 706 deportees from Berlin for both East Berlin transports in April 1942, while 708 came from the Gestapo lists. There is no transport list for the Potsdam Jews. The first page of a letter from the Potsdam State Police Office to the Chief Finance Minister, Berlin-Brandenburg, concerning the transmission of 425 declarations of assets by the deportees, which also contains at least two further declarations of assets which are not sent, is preserved. The Reichsvereinigung recorded in its statistics for April 1942 a total of 429 deportees from the Regierungsbezirk Potsdam.

In the partial transports from the government district Magdeburg and the Land Anhalt, 444 Jews were deported. List of the names of the deportees can be found in the documents of the District Office of Saxony-Thuringia of the Reichsvereinigung [Archives of the Israelitische Religionsgemeinde Leipzig, 2/66]. Though it was widely accepted, there were no deportees from the Land of Braunschweig.

The transport from 14.4.42 to Warsaw therefore had a total strength of 938 Jews. Adam Czerniaków of the Warsaw Jewish Council noted in his diary on 16.4.42: “At around 6, the train arrived with the new arrivals from Germany. [A. Czerniaków, In the Warsaw Ghetto, Munich 1986, 243].