1942-03-28: XI. Transport

Departure Date: 28.03.42, Deported: 973, Destination: Piaski

In March 1942, almost six thousand Jews were sent to the transit ghetto in the district of Lublin, of which 4000 were transported to Izbica (2 transports from Theresienstadt and 1 transport from Aachen / Koblenz and Nuremberg) and 2000 to Piaski (1 transport from Mainz / Darmstadt and Berlin). In the monthly report for March of the Department of Population and Social Welfare in Lublin, the following is stated in the section “The Jews’ Resettlement Action of the SS and Police Offices”: The state of the settlement movement is that, at this time, approximately 6,000 were moved from the Reich, District, and 18,000 from the city of Lublin “[Fascism, ghetto, mass murder, Berlin 1961, 271]. The terminus of the “resettled” was the extermination camp Belzec.

All participants of the Berlin 11. Osttransports to Piaski came from Berlin. The transport list of the Gestapo contains 985 names, 12 of which were deleted. Thus, 973 people were deported. This corresponds to the figure in the statistics of the Reichsvereinigung for the number of deportees from Berlin in March 1942.