1942-01-25: X. Transport

Departure Date: 25.01.42, Deported: 1000, Destination: Riga

With the 10th East Transport again, only Berlin Jews were deported to Riga. 17 were deleted from the 1017 persons in the transport list. However, Helene Jakoby (No. 563) also has the notation “not stricken”. Joseph Suransky is doubled in the list (numbers 26 and 943). Thus, 1000 people have been deported with the 10th East transport. Higher numbers given in the literature can be attributed to faulty allocation of parts of the transport list by the ITS (see notes on the 8th East Transport and 9th East Transport). The statistics of the Reichsvereinigung for the January 1942 indicates 3005 deportees from Berlin, while the Gestapo lists from three East Transports, which departed in January, 3003 deportees with a last residence or stay in Berlin.