1942-01-13: VIII. Transport

Departure date: 13.01.42, Deportees: 1036, Deportation goal: Riga

The Gestapo lists of the 8th Osttransport from Berlin to Riga comprises 1051 names, 13 of which were deleted. The names of Harry Oschinsky (No. 932 and 1049) and Herbert Plonski (No. 732 and 1047) are listed twice. A total of 1036 people were deported. 994 deportees came from Berlin. In addition, the couple Adolf and Mathilde Kaiser from Duisburg (No. 64 and 65 of the transport list). The list also includes 43 Jews from Potsdam (No. 1-43 of the transport list), three of which were repainted. 40 Potsdam Jews were therefore deported. The last page of the transport list was mistakenly assigned by the ITS Bad Arolsen to the Berlin transport to Riga from 25.1.42.

Adolf Kaiser from Duisburg had mentioned the American exceptional sportsman Jesse Owens in a letter, among other things, during the Olympic Summer Games 1936 in Berlin. “to throw the golden Olympiamedaille before the feet of the blood-man Adolf Hitler, and to leave the country ostentatiously to give these murderers and barbarians a lesson for their pride.” He was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment by a special court in Düsseldorf for that “crime”. After the “Kristallnacht”, he was held in “Schutzhaft” for another 8 months in the Dachau concentration camp and was arrested again in October 1941, because he refused to wear the Judenstern.