1942-10-03: 3. großer Alterstransport


Date of departure: 03.10.42, Deported: 1022, Destination: Theresienstadt (I / 71, 1021)

The transport description in Theresienstadt and the number of deportees registered there are given in brackets.

Of the 1022 deportees of this third “big” Berlin transport, 946 came from Berlin, among them 24 inhabitants of Siechenheim in Augustenstr. 14/15. In addition there were 76 deportees from Brandenburg, including 38 from Postdam, 35 from Radinkendorf, 2 from Mittenwalde and one from Rangsdorf. The Brandenburg deportees are only listed on the Theresienstadt list, which, in contrast to the transport list which the Berlin Gestapo sent to the OFP Berlin-Brandenburg, lists 945 names from Berlin. The name Zerline Perl (No. 331 of the transport list) is marked on the Theresienstadt list with the handwritten remark “deleted from the original list” and not taken. The Theresienstadt memorial book, however, shows 3.10.42 as the deportation date for Zerline Perl.

In a note from the RV concerning consultations with the Gestapo on 29.7.42, as well as, in the minutes of the board meeting of the RV on 9.9.42, the departure date for the 3rd major transport from Berlin matched the original 5.10. plan; in the minutes to the board meeting on 28.9.42 departure was altered to 3.10. [Federal Archives, R 8150/3]. In Theresienstadt the arrival of transport I/70 was noted as being on 4.10. On the first page of the transport list is handwritten the “14th October” as transport date. However, as already stated in other transports, this is only the date of the report filing by the Berlin Gestapo, which sent the transport list to the OFP Berlin-Brandenburg. Nevertheless, this date ‘error’ is noted in the literature; the 14.10.42 also appears incorrectly as a departure date.