1942-08-17: 1. großer Alterstransport

Departure Date: 17.08.42, Deported: 1002, Destination: Theresienstadt (I / 46, 997)
The transport description in Theresienstadt and the number of deportees registered there are given in brackets.

On 29.7.42, the Gestapo Berlin informed the Reichsvereinigung that on 17 August, 14.9. and 5.10.42 it would deport transports of 1000 aged people on each date. “These transports are to be filled from all retirement homes, and all 895 inmates, currently in their homes, are to be included in the survey, and the missing ones are to be removed until the number of 1000 is reached- about 200 to 300 transport participants are still resident in the retirement homes, which according to the Central Office of the retirement homes have a total occupancy rate of 1317:

  • Köpenick (80) 75,
  • Schönhauser Allee (175) 163,
  • Gerlachstrasse (204) 182,
  • Artilleriestrasse (180) 140,
  • Gr. Hamburgerstrasse (300) 0,
  • Friedensstrasse (50) 39,
  • Brunnenstrasse (66) 63,
  • Gormannstrasse (108) 87,
  • Weissensee-Parkstr. (154) 146, (1317) 895.

All retirement homes must be fully occupied for this purpose. With a view to this task, the evacuation of Schönhauser Allee will also begin only after 17.8.1942. The transit is to take place from the retirement homes. From there, the transport to the train station is to be done with car wagons. With regards to the large transports, the current transports (operational old transports) are due to end on 14, 17 and 18.8.1942. In the retirement home of Köpenick, everyone that lives in the surrounding area is to be recorded, all inhabitants of Grünau, Karlshorst, Lichtenberg, Friedrichshagen, Friedrichsfelde. The loading to the railway is then to be from the Lehrter freight yard. The destination of the major transports is also Theresienstadt. “[Max Kreutzberger Collection, Leo Baeck Institute, MF 798]

A large number of the participants of this first “big” transport with 1002 deportees from Berlin came then according to the instructions from the retirement homes in the

  • Schönhauser Allee 22 (135 Deportierte),
  • Gerlachstr. 18/21 (165 Deportierte),
  • Artilleriestr. 31 (131 Deportierte),
  • Brunnenstr. 41 (53 Deportierte) und
  • Gormannstr. 3 (77 Deportierte).

In the Theresienstadt transport list the last page is missing, here are 997 persons and thus 5 less than in the list of the Gestapo and the OFP Berlin Brandenburg are listed.