I am (we are) extremely pleased to announce the ‘alpha’ release of ManyRoads’ newest website (ShoahStatistics).

Himmler Dec 1942 Report to Hitler
Himmler Dec 1942 Report to Hitler

This site is called Shoah Statistics (the English translation of Thomas Freier’s original website). Like the original website, this site focuses on the primary source materials documenting the deportations/ expulsions of Altreich (Old German Empire) Jews from Germany to Eastern Concentration Camps, Extermination Camps, and Ghettos. The ground breaking materials upon which both websites are built are those of Thomas Freier’s research.

Thomas Freier’s research and data gathering are astonishing. His research is truly an Engineer’s work of love… thorough, precise, accurate, and compelling. Without embellishment, he lets the numbers ‘speak for themselves’.

Our new site (ShoahStatistics) makes a serious effort to provide all of Thomas’ research information in a bi-lingual form (English and German). I have also re-created, reformatted, and provided download capability for spreadsheet data as well as electronic images of the original expulsion/ deportation lists and related documents. This site does not alter Thomas’ research in any way; it simply works to provide easier access of the documentation, new time and location relevant photos, as well as ancillary context for the data Thomas has uncovered.

ManyRoads’ newest site remains a work in progress. It is not finished; perhaps it never will be. However, I (we) do believe that we have enough content online to be useful. Rest assured more content is on its way.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts (either financally or through your labor), please use the ManyRoads’ ShoahStatistics’ contact page
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