Destroyed Ohel Yaaqov Synagogue Munich 1938- Kristallnacht
Die orthodoxe Synagoge Ohel Jakob in der Münchner Herzog-Rudolf-Straße nach dem Brandanschlag am 9. November 1938
Die orthodoxe Synagoge Ohel Jakob in der Münchner Herzog-Rudolf-Straße nach dem Brandanschlag am 9. November 1938 ~ The Orthodox Synagogue Ohel Jakob on Munich’s Herzog Rudolf Street after being burned on Kristallnacht 9 November 1938

The main focus of this website is the systematic, disciplined compilation of the statistics of the German Jewish population at the time of national socialism. The data here focuses, almost exclusively, on the fate of those Jews who lived within the areas of the Altreich (Old Empire) prior to 1918. We do not currently have efforts underway for those regions of German expansion during 1939- 1942; nor do we have very much information on Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc. Jews.

Statistical data in this collection and verification of the number of deportees from selected regions of the German Reich Transport lists is made available here. (This data is provided in a different format from that found on our primary source site Statistik des Holocaust website,Thomas Freier’s original site on this topic.)  The primary motivation of our ‘new’ site is to provide correct/confirmed Holocaust (Shoah) data, facts, images, and context, to the best of our ability. We make every effort to use primary source data and high-quality public domain imagery. Unlike many other sites, this means we process, analyze, and present information that is cross-checked across as many primary sources as we are able to access. (In common US English parlence, our data and graphics are vetted). This, also, means the information and data we provide varies from what you might find elsewhere. We make every effort to be precise, professional, and non-emotional in what we publish/ provide (in so far as that is possible). We want the data and information to speak for themself.

The Reichsvereinigung of the Jews in Germany prepared, on the instructions of the Reichsicherheitsamt, detailed reports containing information on the population, the emigration and the births and deaths of the Jews in the Altreich (including Sudetenland). From the autumn of 1941 onwards, the deportations from Germany were also introduced to the statistics for the first time. A considerable number of these assemblies of the Reichsvereinigung have been preserved in various archives and allow an almost complete presentation of the Jewish population movement in the time of national socialism. With the help of the statistical data from the Reichsvereinigung it is also possible to analyze the deportation of the Jewish population from Germany with documentary secured numbers. This information is provided via a comparison with the data on deportation lists.

Visual information here, is not intended to be graphically disturbing or in anyway de-humanizing. Photographic images are intended to be simple, accurate, and visually informative. Tables, spreadsheets, and databases are designed to be easily viewed, downloadable, as well as easily “understood”.

Internet links (links to other websites) are provided where we believe publically available information is useful, reasonably reliable, and professional. Sadly, we are not able to accept responsibility for any remote content, information omissions or errors that may reside outside of this website. However, should you notice problems with any of our links, please let us know via our contact page and we will make every effort to remedy any difficulties.

Should you find information or images which you believe are missing or that you wish to share with us, please use our contact page to let us know. We will respond as quickly as we are able.

Finally, you should be aware that it is unlikely this site will ever be completed. Nonetheless,the website is intended as an aid and data source for historians and interested readers searching for verfied data and information.

This website along with the research carried out for this project are privately initiated and financed. Neither the primary data researcher and analyst (Thomas Freier) nor website developer, technology and tools expert, and site genealogist (Mark Rabideau) are trained historians.

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